Helping people quit tobacco, stopping young people before they start, and protecting everyone from secondhand smoke.


The Tobacco-Free Coalition of Oregon is a statewide not-for-profit corporation representing businesses, advocacy groups and individuals seeking a tobacco-free Oregon.

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Not A penny for tobacco prevention

By Chuck Tauman of Portland, Oregon. Chuck is a trial lawyer, political consultant and lobbyist. He is also the President of Tobacco Free Coalition of Oregon. Big tobacco continues to reap record profits from selling an addictive product that, when used as intended, kills its best customers. With… Read more »

The Movement

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are devices that allow users to mimic the act of smoking a cigarette while inhaling nicotine. Instead of smoke burning from tobacco, users inhale vapor consisting of nicotine, flavor… Read more from: E-Cigarettes »

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“Smokeless tobacco products are a safe alternative to tobacco smoking with none of the risk”

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What Were They

“We did not look at the underage market even though I am holding a document in my hand that says we did.”

James Morgan, Former president and CEO, Philip Morris

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